Welcome to ColiBrilla!!


Thank you for flying in to taste the flowers of our one of kind, handmade and heart blessed offerings! ColiBrilla is a play on words, translating as “Hummingbird Shine,” and our intention is to make beautiful, nectar filled arts and crafts that will support the hummingbird of your heart to shine, sing, celebrate life, and fly free in the limitless Sky of Being! We work with Mother Nature’s glorious creations such as feathers, bones, crystals, animal hides, the four elements, and rainbow colors to create prayer filled talismans, sacred instruments, and art to uplift the Spirit and still the mind in awe and wonder. May our humble offerings bring you inspiration and joy, serve to open and nourish your heart as together we awaken, remember and connect to The Great Mystery that guides and supports us all on this magical journey of Being and Becoming!!

With so much love and gratitude for All That Is, 

The Winged HeArtists of ColiBrilla


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