Artist Bio:


Nathan S Lockwood is the humble keeper, designer, and maker of ColiBrilla’s handmade creations. He is a man of prayer, a child of Earth and Heaven, a walker of the lesser worn, wild paths of mystics, deer and coyote, at the edges of the modern world.  He was born and raised by loving parents in the high mountain deserts of New Mexico, has been privileged to live, learn, and travel in many beautiful parts of this Sacred Earth that have filled his hummingbird heart with Love, Health, Understanding, and Compassion for All Life. He has been very blessed to study and train with numerous spiritual and indigenous traditions that have guided him through deep internal processes of healing and learning, that he might walk upright, with an open heart, as a human in a sincere, integral, life affirming way. These traditions and their wisdom live and resonate strongly and vibrantly in all his work, and he gives profound gratitude for all the ways they have supported, guided, and shaped him into the man he is today. 

Nathan longs more than anything to be of deep, authentic service to others, to reflect the truth of our Divine Nature, to nourish the Holy Gifts that we all carry within, that we might all bring those gifts into ever more clear and full expression in service to the well being of All. We are living in tremendously interesting and often challenging times. We long so deeply to support others in finding the equally tremendous opportunities in this moment to heal, to transform our wounds and our fear into gifts and undying resiliency and faith in The Spirit That Moves In All Things. We are being asked to stand strong for what we believe in, to say YES to life and the great changes that are being asked of us. 

Nathan lives and walks with a deep connection to and reverence for the natural world. He is a Gemini, an Air sign, and has been in love the Bird People, the Winged Ones and all our animal relatives for as long as he can remember. His worldview, along with his artwork and craft, are inextricably interwoven with Nature’s Wisdom, Medicine, and Teachings. He gives credit for his work, more than anything, to The Creator, whom he believes lives in every aspect of Creation, and most certainly in all of the natural world. The feathers carry the Breath of Life and Higher Vision from The Spirit, through the Wind, to our lungs, heart, and mind, helping us to see more clearly, the Truths of Creation, of who we are, and how to live in a good way.  We then give our breath of life, carrying our love and thanksgiving, our prayers and blessings to The Spirit and All Life through the feathers. The feathers help to send those good thoughts and feelings out on the wind, into the world and to The Creator, completing the great circle of life, love, and Oneness. Nathan bows in complete gratitude for the opportunity to work with these natural wonders, to share his deep love and connection with these medicines. May his work facilitate the deepening of your own powerful connection to The Creator, Nature, and All The Mysterious Powers that sing your heart alive and awake! We wish you all the peace, health, love, and happiness that Life has to offer! You are worthy of All your heart longs for!!