ColiBrilla is a small, life honoring business based in Taos, New Mexico. We specialize in hand made, one of a kind, functional art and jewelry, inspired by nature, our indigenous traditions, and the call of these times to bring forth all that is within us for the evolution of consciousness, the awakening of the True Human Being, and the preservation of Life and Wisdom for all future generations.

ColiBrilla is a living prayer for humanity, the Earth Mother, and all Her children. Through our hand made crafts, sourced consciously and lovingly from the natural world, we are living our prayer of honoring The Divine Mother, The Sacred Feminine, and embodying The Balance and Sacred Union of Masculine and Feminine Energies. Our work is for healing and transformation. It is for saying yes to Life, our innocence, playfulness, creativity, and inner callings. We create beauty to awaken the Divine Gifts that lay dormant within us, that we might bring those gifts into form NOW, to lift each other up, inspire one another in the radical expression of that part of us that knows we are here for a reason! The world NEEDS our gifts and our resilient aliveness more than ever! Let your Hummingbird Shine!! 

ColiBrilla is a Bright, Innocent, Creative Child, conceived I would say when my soul chose to incarnate in this pivotal time on Earth. We arrived in this sacred land of Taos, New Mexico, gestated through many years of spiritual seeking, earth wandering and deep soul diving, and have come full circle, back to Taos to witness her miraculous birth. She is a tender shoot, growing up out of the dry, red New Mexico Earth, reaching towards the Sun and Desert Wky, full of hope, optimism, and faith in cycles of the natural world. The birth of this little hummingbird is a testament to Divine Grace, and the Ever Compassionate Mother who delivers us through darkness and fear, to be restored and renewed, to health and wholeness that we might support others on this journey of remembering and returning to The Truth of All That We Are. Love. Light. Joy. Beauty. Bliss. Peace.